One of Canada's Fastest Growing Real Estate Companies

Established back in 1996, Crone Realty Ltd. is an organization committed to providing the very best real estate services to both real estate clients and fellow real estate professionals. We help Ontario real estate representatives and brokers operate in the best way possible without having to spend nearly as much as they would if they would if they had to do it on their own.
We find fulfillment in helping people continue to maintain their real estate license in a low-cost manner. I have been in that situation where I needed to keep my license active but wasn't too happy with the high cost of fees involved to maintain it. This was actually how the company started. Now, we're into our 20th year of operations and have helped countless real estate representatives and brokers all throughout Ontario over the years.

What sets us apart is our commitment to helping both new and experienced real estate sales representatives and Brokers. We will confirm all showing and inspection appointments by phone, text or e-mail when we receive them. We will assist in writing up the Agreement of Purchase and Sale for the Real Estate Sales Representative themselves or for their clients. I am always available to speak to and share my over 25 years of experience with my Crone Realty colleagues, whether it is for marketing advice or working on or negotiating an offer.
Dear Sir or Madame,
Thank you for inquiring about our company and its various benefits. We at Crone Realty are dedicated to reducing and alleviating the financial stresses of annual Board fees, desk fees, franchise fees, as well as the overall stress of ‘performing’.
We are offering our sales representatives and our associate Brokers, a compensation rate starting at 80% and reaching as high as 95% commission. Any client (buying or selling) you refer to us, will be handled by one of our agents or by one of our cooperating Brokers, who are offering a referral fee. You may also choose to take a more active part and work with your purchasers or sellers, finding them a home or marketing and promoting their listing yourself on the Internet, using our Website at: as well as other services (open houses, feature sheets, flyers, etc.) offered to your clients and increasing your commission portion, by not employing a cooperating Broker. We will provide you with leads and referrals generated by advertising and/or by other agents employed by our company. You will also receive full support from our sales managers.
We look forward to you joining our company and we also welcome your ideas and suggestions regarding upcoming, future social events you would like to participate in.
Thank you for your prompt attention.
Yours Truly,
Joseph Crone
Broker of Record