If you're a licensed real estate broker or sales representative in Ontario, then you understand how much it takes to keep your license active. Year in and year out you'll need to pay a significant amount in fees just to maintain active status with the Real Estate council of Ontario. The fact of the matter is that not all real estate license holders work on real estate full-time and most, if not all, would like to reduce the amount of fees they pay monthly and annually just to keep their license active with RECO. If you're one of the many real estate professionals who are looking for a better way to maintain your license's active status while you're busy with other endeavors, or are looking to join an organization that can help you make the most out of your career in real estate here in Ontario, there's no need to look anywhere else because you're exactly where you should be!

Here at Crone Realty Ltd., Brokerage, we help both new and seasoned real estate sale representatives and brokers in a variety of ways - but more importantly, we help them maintain their Ontario real estate license in a much more affordable manner. When you join us, we will also confirm all showing and inspection appointments by phone, text, or email when we receive them. We will also assist in writing up Agreement of Purchase and Sale for the Real Estate Sales Representative themselves or for their clients.

With close to two decades of service to the Ontario real estate community, we have helped (and continue to help) a lot of fellow real estate professionals make the most out of their real estate career without spending nearly as much as it would if they were to venture out on their own.

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You can avoid paying board fees, desk fees, OREA and CREA fees, as well as franchise fees, when you join Crone Realty Ltd., Brokerage.
We have helped sales respresentatives and brokers like yourself for over 18 years reduce the high real estate fees associated with keeping your real estate license active right accross Ontario.
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  3. Part-Time
  4. Not-Active
  5. On Maternity Leave
  6. New to the real estate field
  7. Looking to reduce your monthly and annual real estate fees
  8. Have 2 memberships (spouse or partner) with the board
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